I've been lucky to have a couple of my longer projects compiled into photo books. In journal articles only limited thing can be done - in book format new opportunities unfold. Both books are bilingual.

Alkupiste - nollapiste / Time zero - Ground zero, Like 2002

is the path from ancient corners of Cairo along The Nile to the highlands of Ethiopia and to the contested lands of southern Sudan. In a way it is in reverse Man's great journey out of Africa. The book arose from several long trips to these areas in the 90s.

Laidalla - ytimessä / Off-center - Dead center, Syndetica 2014

is a sweep across The Sahel and around, roughly latitudes 10±10. This is a landscape characterized by droughts, unchecked population growth, unstable regimes and lately also by Islamic extremism. All these contribute to large scale population movements. The people struggle to make ends meet but many lose faith and aim for the better elsewhere. Inevitably this means heading towards the North. Perhaps Europeans and others should know better who and what is involved in this exodus.

If not in the local bookstore or Adlibris web store they are available from the author (signed upon request).